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they are calling and crying 911. >> new information about a crash that claimed a woman's life. what we are learning tonight about the victim. we will show you how the bay area is paying tribute to a fallen police officer through service to their community. >> sad news for an east bay family searching for their son. where his body was found today. complete bay area coverage.
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good evening. thank you for joining us on this special hour-long edition of ktvu news on channel 6. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. investigators, today, identified the female pedestrian killed last night as a santa barbara resident. we go to the scene of last night's accident with the new information she has learned from the police. >> reporter: heather, the coroner's office identified her as 52iosherry hicks from santa barbara. here at the scene you can see marks on the traffic pole where the truck was lodged last night. today, a small memorial sits over here as this walnut creek hotel is still all abuzz about the crash. >> reporter: walnut creek police shutdown two southbound lanes on main street for much of the morning as the team continued to investigate a deadily crash that happened
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yesterday evening in front of the marriott hotel. the police says a 53-year-old man drove up on the sidewalk and struck two pedestrians. guests and employees say they are still shaken up. >> all of the drivers are talking and everyone standing -- we are being cautious. it made everyone be safer. >> reporter: jeff and bobby are staying at the hotel for an auto body convention. >> a huge crash. and we were sitting there with the body shop guys and we said, wow, somebody just had a wreck out there. >> reporter: it started as a coincidence and turned into a tragedy when they realized a 52- year-old woman, sherry hicks, was not getting up. another woman was transferred to the hospital in critical condition. >> everyone was running around, they were just calling, crying, saying call 911. it was really awful. i could not even look. >> reporter: justin lives in a apartment building nearby and
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walks this intersection daily. he office his way to dinner a few minutes after the crash. >> luckily we had to grab a few things or we would have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: the man is charged with vehicular homicide. the crash is still under investigation. the witnesses say the driver was speeding. the police have not said if drugs or exactly are a factor in this crash. live in walnut creek, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information tonight on a deadly accident on interstate 280 in san bruno last night. the authorities identify the driver who died as 51-year-old isaac from san bruno. they say he was driving a mercedes near the 280 connector when he ran into the concrete wall on the side of the freeway. they are looking into if he suffered a medical problem before the crash. he is the owner of don pico's mexican restaurant. a man was hospitalized wither is isious injuries late last night -- with serious
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injuries late last night. a man stepped off of the curb and was hit by a mercedes headed westbound. the pedestrian's injuries are not life thraoet life- threatening. a young man's body was found in the sacramento river today near chico. the uncle of bret olson said the body was found this morning. the 20-year-old was last seen taking part in the labor day float along the river with thousands of other young people. family and friends gathered today to pay tribute to a uc davis student who's body was found on friday. there were many tears today. the service was supposed to help bring closure but her parents are still struggling with the news of her death. her boldy was found near the --
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her body was found near the american river. she disappeared two months ago in june. san francisco police are investigating a shooting of a man. paramedics found him suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to san francisco general hospital with life- threatening injury. three men approached the victim and began shooting but all got away before the police arrived. now, continuing coverage of the death of officer ken youngster. we are live with what volunteers did to honor the fallen officer, christian? >> reporter: we are wearing the safety gear right now because we are standing on the side of i-680. close to the spot where the officer was shot earlier this
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week. you can see the memorial set up earlier. the entire area was strewn with litter. volunteers came out to pick up the litter. their service to the community is one way they are channeling their grieve into action. >> reporter: one by one, volunteers for police and fire, the fallen heres, -- heroes, climbed over the fence where the officer was shot. in addition to providing financial help for the families of fallen heroes. the organizers say cleaning and brigging dig -- bringing dignityity to the area the officer was shot. >> there is debris. litter. we thought, it does not need to be that way. we took it upon ourselves to come and clean it up and then of course put the wreath out there. >> reporter: at the jump highway they are remembering the highway patrol man killed in the line of duty. >> we are going, all net
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proceeds, everying from the silent auction is going to the family. >> reporter: the officer lived nearby. people here is a they are pulling together as a community. >> my daughter goes to school with one of their kids. there are three others that go in the community. so, you know, it does not take a family to raise a child t. takes a community to raise a child. >> reporter: parents here is a even if they have no connection to the family they want to support them the only way they know how. >> we did not know them personally but we wanted to come out and show our support. >> reporter: if you want to help the family we have a link to the fallen hero web site. coming back to our live shot they hung up a memorial for officer youngstrom. >> his death inspired many people to pay tribute to all fallen officers. ahead at 6:30, the event held in their honor and a bay area couple who says last week's shooting hit close to home. a wildfire in lake county
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is gaining ground tonight. it prompted officials to have an evacuation notice. the fire is on cow mountain. so far 3200 acres have burned. firecrews say the blaze is only about 10% contained. there is no word, yet, on how this wildfire started. firefighters are close to containing a wildfire. the 16 complex fire is in the rumsey canyon area. cal-fire says 18,000 acres burned so far. the crews have it 80% contained. they lifted evacuation orders for the ranchoria area. five people have been hurt. this time of the year fire danger a concern. right now, a red flag warning posted for the northeastern portions of the state. also touching, as you can see here, lake county.
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still, 8:00 this evening, winds approaching 85 miles an hour and low humidity levels. you can see the humidity levels on the fire is on the warm side. 70 to 84 degrees. dry out there around the 16 complex fire. humidity fires down to 12%. dry conditions out there. that will be a concern all weeklong if not for the entire month. as far as current numbers out there, they are from the 60s to the 80s. livermore right now, checking in. 82 degrees, san jose, 70. here is the forecast model showing you this. regrouping. it is chilly out there. first thing, 74. san jose with 53 and morgan hill, 53 degrees as well. here is the temperature sensor t is warming up, low to middle 60s for the beaches.
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working inland, we are talking 80s. in the warmest locations inland on track to reach the middle to upper 80s. you tillity crews are still -- utility crews are still on the scene this morning. the pipe burst before dawn under the two southbound lanes of cherry street. the water district spokesman tells ktvu water service was restored at 2:00 this afternoon and the crews are cleaning up and repairing asphalt. visitors continue to go to yosemite park despite the rare deaths of the virus. visitors are learning about it entering the park. the number of confirmed cases went to 8. >> i would not stay in the tents in the village until i know they have been disinfected and cleaned but walking through
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here, no, i am not -- if the children were going to touch the dirt and put food in their mouth regardless where we were i would wash their hands any way. >> reporter: it may have been spread by rod ants resting in the cabins. disease is carried in the feces and saliva that can mix with dust and be inhaled by humans. a teenager who went missing last week has been found safe. she disappeared on thursday. her family and authorities were worried about kristina because she suffered from cerebral palsy. she was found safe yesterday. no word how wore why she left. the mother of two children, who were abducted by their father and held on a boat, is thanking everyone involved for their safe return. jennifer hipon says her 3-year- old daughter and 2-year-old son are great. she is grateful to the police,
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fbi, and the news media in the role of returning the children. the children's father, christopher maffei is in jail. a somber anniversary in san bruno. remembering the victims of the pipeline explosion, two years later. another explosion leaves a home destroyed. why the authorities had been to that home before. we are not better off under president barack obama. >> mitt romney sharpens his attack against the president. the big issue at the center of his campaign can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans. tomato basil, potato with bacon, 80 different kinds... no wonder we're going through this stuff! hey, hon, want some soup? you bet! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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. today marks 2 years since an explosion and fire that erupted. neighbors are gathering where the explosion occurred to honor those who lost their lives two years ago. >> reporter: you can see behind me there are about 50 people here in the crestmore
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neighborhood recalling the victims of the pipeline explosion. they just had a moment of silence at 6:11 to mark the time of the pipeline blast two years ago. the city marked the anniversary at san bruno city park. more than 100 people showed up for the plaque. it list the names of the eight people killed. neighbors say the memories of that day, two years ago, are still vivid in their minds. >> you can feel the heat in my vehicle. and, and knowing that people that i knew likely had passed away in that blast. it is a hard thing to forget. >> reporter: 38 homes were destroyed and 17 others badly ask damaged. pge and the city shared the blame. some homeowners decided not to move back and others faced problems rebuilding their homes. neighbors told me they appreciate the city's memorial at the park but hoping a memorial will be put up here in
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the crest more neighborhood. people still gathered here talking about their experiences over the last two years and remembering, again, the san bruno pipeline explosion. reporting live in san bruno, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the rebuilding process for san bruno residents. so far of the 38 homes destroyed in the disaster 8 have been rebuilt. 12 properties are args waiting building permits -- awaiting building permits and 18 others waiting. 17 homes damaged by the explosion and fire. of those 13 have been repaired. go to and click on the san bruno tab for our reports. a gas line caused a massive blast. the explosion happened at 5:40 yesterday morning. you can see, seriously damaged 22 other homes, shattering windows of homes a block away. nobody was hurt. one witness, though, who lived next door says the blast
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sounded like a plane had crashed. >> it was just like a big explosion. all of our windows in the house broke and everything and the roof tumbled on our head. my sister came into the room and she got me and then i had walked out of my room and then we got all of my family out of the house. >> the police say officer his been to that home about 1 1/2 weeks ago because the residents were suspected of growing marijuana on the property. the official cause of the blast, though, is under investigation. a close call in oakland last night after a gunshot grazed a toddler and left a bullet hole in his car seat. the shooting happened just after 7:00 last night on international boulevard. a by standard says he saw a group of men with what appeared to be machine guns shooting at a car. one grazed his 2-year-old son's arm before hitting the car seat. the boy was not hurt. two other shootings sent five people to local hospitals. a 7/11 store clerk was found shot to death yesterday morning.
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the police say they received a call after 2:00 a.m. about an injured employee at the 7/11 on north molpitas boulevard. the person's name has not been released. in election 2012 news tonight it is the economy, again, as both campaigns focus on jobs. less than 60 days before the election a new poll of likely voters across the u.s. gives barack obama a 4-point lead with a wider gap on which candidate will protect jobs. the romney campaign is blasting last week's disappointing report and airing new ads in key states. >> here in wisconsin, we are not better off under president barack obama tphaot mitt romney campaign launched this new ad -- >> reporter: mitt romney
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campaign launched this new ad. >> reporter: august job numbers will not do much to bolster the claims from barack obama that progress is being made. but it is not enough to keep up with the number of new people looking for jobs. and, economists say the drop in the unemployment rate to 8.1% may be from job seekers giving up. >> this is really saying people are having a hard time finding work. it is very, very troubling. >> reporter: spending time in the key states ridiculed prosperity. >> tax cuts, tax cuts, and tax cuts. >> reporter: a deal that would result in cuts to the military as part of an agreement struck for the debt ceiling across the
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board cuts will go into effect in january if congress fails to reach a reduction plan by the end of year. among the republicans who voted in the plan romney's runningmate representative paul ryan. ktvu channel 2 news. romney did not formally campaign today but attended church services for hiwhere he served as governor. after church he went to his campaign headquarters in boston to get ready for debates. the first debate is october 3rd in denver with a focus on domestic policy. the vice presidential candidates debate on october 11th. president barack obama would make one more fund- raising pitch in the bay area before the november election a cording to the san francisco chronicle, he will appear at an event in san francisco on october 8th. this time, though, the golden state may be offering more of a journey along with the campaign cash. they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on october 23rd.
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the first lady said she would like to recreate their honeymoon trip from san francisco down the coast. [ sirens ] a series of attacks killed dozens in the middle east. the event that may of sparked the violence. remembering the september 11th attacks. the events planned here in the bay area to honor those who's lives were lost 11 years ago. "curiosity" getting face time. the portrait from mars and why it has scientists so excited.
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. [ sirens ] 21 attacks in the middle east that killed 92 people. now, this violence comes on the same day that iraq's vice president was sentenced to death. vice president fled to turkey after the charges were filed and he has yet to comment on the sentencing. in other news of the world tonight in khaoeupb a rescue crews say they -- china, rescue crews say they reached most of the isolated communities effected by the earthquake. search and rescue teams visited 90% of the mountainous region that suffered the most damage.
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so far the death toll stands at 81. 200,000 people were left homeless. in bermuda, tropical storm, leslie, brought gusty winds and rains to the island today. the storm kept -- the island's international airport closed. there were fears that it would turn into a category 2 but it did not get realized. the cleaning of the wall, the rabbis cleared notes from the wall, notes and prayers are placed there by visitors of all faiths, tradition has it placing the notes inside of the wall will help the requests reach god. they are considered sacred so they are collected, sealed, and stored permanently elsewhere. on tuesday the nation will mark the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. in addition to ceremonies in new york, washington and pennsylvania, the bay area will hold several events to remember
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the victims. each of the 43 fire stations in san francisco will hold a ceremony starting at 6:45 a.m. san jose will offer a peace picnic at the city's center. it starts at 5:00 in the evening. for a list in all of the bay area events go to our web site at nasa scientists are admiring a special photograph taken by the rover, curiosity. the camera was used on his arm to take this self-portrait. the first ever to be beamed back from mars. curiosity snapped a close-up of the red planet's surface showing pockmarks and rocks. it is part of a series of tests to see if curiosity can manipulate its tools and it obviously can. >> pretty cool. still to come, a recap of today's top stories, plus ... -- everything that happened there brought it back to us. >> the recent killing of a police officer, inspiring people to pay tribute to all of
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the fallen officers. >> it brings tears to my eyes. san francisco family is given hope as dozens of people take a simple test that can change a child's life. little league, getting a congratulations from a big name. the new ktvui-pad app is ready to download. watch all of our newscasts live plus bay area weather and video of breaking news and time and anywhere. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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. recapping the top stories tonight. a woman stood on a sidewalk, she was standing in front of the marriott hotel at the corner of park side and north main streets when she was hit. another person was taken to john merh medical center of the driver of the truck, from walnut creek, was injured and arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. less than half an hour ago neighbors -- less than half an hour ago neighbors at the san bruno neighborhood parked the moment of the blast two years ago today. and 100 people showed up for the unavailing of a plaque listing the names of the eight people died. 38 homes destroyed in the explosion and fire and 17 badly damaged. volunteers cleaned a part of a highway where an officer was shot and killed last week. after the cleanup the group created a wreath on the hillside in hopper of the
6:31 pm
officer. -- honor of the officer. the event was a productive way of channeling their grieve. the shooting of the officer last week brought up a lot of emotion honoring fallen police officers and firefighters. we were there and spoke to a bay area couple who lost a son in the line of duty [ bell ringing ] >> line of duty death sheriff william phillip ... >> the bell tolled for each of the 72 men and women. names were read aloud this morning [ bell ringing ] for the 11th year in a row redwood city fire captain organized this memorial to remember firefighters and police in the county who have passed away. >> we started it when -- february 2001. we lost matt smith, an academy
6:32 pm
mate of mine. it was the start of this. >> i did not know anything about this until rich was killed and -- and have not missed it, since. >> reporter: frank and his wife come to this wife every year. their son, richard may, was shot and kill inside 2006. >> all brought back to stark reality with a chp officer in the east bay. everything that happened there brought it back to us that happened with our son. so, it never stops. >> reporter: the grieving never ends but when friends and strangers come every year to pay their respects they say the show of support helps ease the pain. >> i did not know him personally outside of work. but they came, they come because they care [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: back to you. this week a san francisco
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ethic's committee will meet for a final time about officer merkarimi. -- mirkarimi. the at meeting on tuesday they will review a summary report of findings for the board of supervisors of the board will make a final decision to fire mirkarimi. former alameda county, lockyear yer was released to a rehab center of the police say she was high on meth while with her 9-year-old son. she resigned as superror in april -- supervisor after a drug and a sex scandal. her and her husband are getting divorced. the police in south san francisco arrested a man who is accused of raping his 70-year- old girlfriend at knife point. the victim who lives at a senior housing complex says her boyfriend, a 58-year-old man, attacked her on tuesday night.
6:34 pm
she was treated at the hospital for minor abrasions to her body and face. the man was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of rape, false imprisonment and making terrorist threats itch the price at the gas -- threats. the price at the gas pump is inching up. the new survey shows the average price nationwide for a gallon of gas is $3.84. here in the bay area it is higher. san francisco, highest priced gas $4.24. oakland, gas is $4.18 and san jose $4.08. crews are working on flairs located along the boulevard site of the refinery. they are warning residents there may be more smoke and noise. apple is expected to unveil the iphone 5 in san francisco
6:35 pm
on wednesday. according to a survey by 3 out of 5iphone 4 users plan to upgrade. rumors are a possible ipad mini. a consumer backlash against advertising on amson's fire hd got results. people were upset they were not allowed to opt out of advertising as they could before. amazon quickly changed it yesterday and announced the $15 $1-time fee to op -- 1-time fee to opt out stphaoeufplt watch our opt out. now, to our continuing coverage of hometown heroes. a big league ballplayer and pizza, two of their favorite things. >> what is going on, guys? >> reporter: these 12 and 13- year-old little leaguers were
6:36 pm
giddy. >> crazy. awesome. >> really lucky to do all of this. really lucky. once-in-a-lifetime. >> reporter: cane hosted a pizza party for them. celebrating a remarkable season that ended with them taking 3rd place in the little league world series. >> it is crazy. we see them on tv all of the time and now sitting and eats pizza with them. >> reporter: cane says sitting down with the team brought back memories. >> that was the foundation for all of us how, you know, when we first -- for us to be in the big leagues we all start somewhere, backyard somewhere or playing little league. >> reporter: highlights included photos and signed jerseys. >> this is so cool. i mean -- just for him personally to come out and, you know, throw us a pizza party, awesome. >> reporter: has advise? >> mostly, just have fun and enjoy it and go out there and have fun and not take it too serious. >> reporter: after 17 large pizzas the boys were off to
6:37 pm
peer thirty nine where they were treated to a ride on the rocket boat and a day by the water. in san francisco, back to you. the city of oakland is getting ready to kick off sports team appreciation week soluting the raiders and the a's. spokesman for the mayor says spirit week starts tomorrow. residents will be encouraged to dress in their favorite team colors and take pictures and post them on the city's facebook beige. he says the aim is still how the local teens are part of the fabric of the community. it is there along with home games with the a's and raiders. more of our parents are opting out of vaccinations for children. state lawmakers are trying to change that. california is one 20 states that allow parents to opt out of vaccinations. health officials are concerned about a 10% increase, last year alone, in the opt out rate for kids in private schools. legislation would require them
6:38 pm
to discuss vaccinations with piedtricians or a school nurse before they opt out. a family with a 2-year-old with leukemia held a bone marrow match. he is hoping for a match that can i have k save his life. his aunt would skip the bone marrow drives but not anymore. >> it brings tears to my eyes. so many people took the time to come and it is very heart warming and it restores my faith in humanity that people actually care to come out. >> jeremy is still in the hospital. the 22nd annual susan g.komen bay area race for the cure is wrapping up today. it took place along the
6:39 pm
embarcadero. they will not know until tomorrow how many people participated or how much money. 2900 people were signed up last week. that is far fewer than last year but it does not account for last-minute sign ups. still to come. a reason to go carless if san francisco. plus, check this out. assessing the damage after tornadoes touch down in new york city. and is t is about to get -- and it is about to get warmer. we will find out which parts will hit 90 degrees during the up coming workweek
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. that just landed. >> take a look. this is what it looked like in new york.
6:42 pm
a rare tornado touched down. the twister and downed power line toppled trees. people are cleaning up the damage. winds of more than 100 miles an hour hit brooklyn. one neighborhood had damaged homes and knocked out power. the weather caused forth causing problems in buffalo, new york. meantime here at home things are nice, stable, smooth, quiet. mark will tell us how nice it will get. >> that is right. the time we talk about nice weather in the bay area. lots of sunshine. perfect temperatures, clear skies, the live camera shows you this out towards the golden gate bridge. a bit of a breeze out there the fog even cleared out of the region earlier this afternoon. setting stage for a nice evening. sunset, scheduled this evening at 7:26. beautiful conditions looking out to the bay. shows up nicely. on the satellite, clear skies out there. we will go ahead and support the buoys. you will notice this, a bit of a breeze out there, buoy off
6:43 pm
shore. you can see the winds gusting to 22 miles an hour. a bit of a chop out there. mild across most of the region. especially inland earlier this afternoon. these are the highs from later, from earlier today, 3:00, 4:00. middle to upper 80s towards fairfield and antioch. san francisco, 65, pacificca around 64. san jose, 74 degrees. for tonight, we have this. mostly clear skies, a bit of a breeze tomorrow. patchy fog, most areas come up just a little bit. we have warmer temperatures showing up in the forecast. in fact, the warmest locations inland on track later in the week to roach the lower 90s. the bay -- reach the lower 90s. >> the bay area tomorrow, cool air mas up to our north, area of high pressure out to the east. tomorrow, the temperatures coming up a few degrees. so, for the coast, patchy morning fog, temperatures back into the 60s. more sunshine around the bay. the 70s, lots of sunshine inland. the temperatures on track to reach the middle to upper 80s. here is the forecast model
6:44 pm
right now showing you basically clear skies out there. we will put it in motion. and, into the overnight hours, first thing tomorrow morning the fog regroups, coast side, maybe a few patches sneaking into the bay and clearing skies into the afternoon hours. we could have partly sunny skies near the shoreline. there is orange up to the 80s. so, easily, the inland neighborhood is back up into the upper 80s and a few neighborhoods around 90 degrees for the warmest location, fairlake, 90 others san rafael, 82. fairfield, upper 80s and the temperatures will check in about 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. and, san skwroes a upper 70s, 79, morgan hill, 86 degrees. and san francisco, 69. just beautiful in the afternoon hours with patchy fog to start out the morning hours and monday night football for tomorrow, mostly clear skies, a bit of a breeze, the temperatures in the lower 60s as the raiders take on the chargers. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast. the temperatures, a little bit
6:45 pm
of a drop off for tuesday. no major changes. then, warming things back up. talking about the 90 degree temperatures for thursday and friday. warmest locations approaching 93 by friday. and, with the weekend in view, minor cooling throughout for saturday and sunday. but, heather, ken, i don't know if you feel the shift. the weather, feeling more like fall with the chilly mornings and warm 40s. >> yes. the leaves will start changing. >> yes. thank you, mark. the weather was nice enough for people in san francisco to enjoy the second to last sunday streets event of the season today. very nice out there the giant block party took place in the western edition from the 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. cars, of course, not allowed on the streets. leaving the streets to pedestrianians and bicyclists. >> it is -- a good chance to explore all of the businesses along the route. and normally you would bike by or drive by the areas really quick. but, just take your time and
6:46 pm
you can meet new people and see new things. >> even inspiring rock climber his something to do out there. there they are, climbing the law. final streets event is october 21st. >> always a fun time. always fun to watch. you watched it here. the match up in football. >> the 49ers take on the packers to open up the season. we have highlights, sports rap is next
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining our special sunday night edition of "sports
6:49 pm
wrap." if the season opener is any indication they will have 16 weeks of heart-stopping entertainment. and, today, well, today, the 9ers did something they have not done in 22 years, win in green bay. if you think the coach mellowed in his second year, you mistaken. your wife had a baby boy this week, watch your ticker. the 2nd quarter, find moss, moss, catching the 154th career touchdown. puts him 2nd all-time only to jerry rice. it is 10-0. 13-7 before the 1st half expired. and it goes over. tying the nfl record held by three others. one of 3 field goalers. 16-7 now in the 3rd. alex smith, on the 91 yard drive. smith, to daveis for the 4 yarder. sounds like a slam dunk, right?
6:50 pm
as you can see, not really. packers make a special teams play now. heading right, head's upfield. looks like about 5 packers making illegal blocks on this one. certainly one was made against the 49ers tackle. number 34, dixon, goes into the books as a staoeuf yard touchdown. it is 23:15. rogers throwing for 279 yards. and beating rogers, taking it to the packers, 23 yard line. he has 11 tackles in this game. very next play. frank gore. gore, watch him wiggle. tip toe his way in. 16 carries t is 30-15 -- carries. it is 30-15. former san jose start, james jones hauling in a 10-yarder.
6:51 pm
aaron rogers, to nelson, 49ers has him covered. he looks great, clean, big deflection, 9ers take over. smith with another mistake-free game as the 9ers ran for 186 yards, passing for 191 yards. that is called balance. they win at lambeau field for the first time since november 1990. that snaps an 8-game losing streak in green bay. >> the fight for 60 minutes was there. i thought that we played our best game with our minds that we have ever played out there today. very proud of our guys. >> no means perfect. special offense. myself included. and, continuing to improve. but, a good start. to win the opener. >> 49ers hosting detroit next sunday night. lions hosted saint louis and the new head coach, fisher. they led, 10 seconds left. staff ford, throwing a short td
6:52 pm
to smith. throwing 3 intersections in the game. leads detroit. 27-23. and tomorrow night the raiders start their season against the team that ended last year's play off chase, san diego. that game is a sellout. andrew luck era began in chicago. the colts quarterback was intercepted three times, luck threw for 309 yards. first official touchdown against the bears. however, the bears nearly double the score. cutler finds jeffrey at the 42 yard touchdown. the bears beat indianapolis big time, 41-21. trophy winner, robert griffin 3rd led washington passed the saints in the superdome. rg3 completes the first state pass. garson takes it all of the way for an kwraet yard touchdown. mistake, 19 for 26. 320 yards. three touchdowns and washington wins 40-32.
6:53 pm
how about that? in new jersey today. jets mark sanchez through three touchdown, tim tebow ran for 11 yards. jets dominate buffalo. intercepted fitzpatrick 3 times. taking it 40 yards, new york jets 48-28. oakland a's left town after getting swept by the angels, everyone thought this is the september swoon but they went back to their tried and true method of success. true pitching and the long ball. a's in seattle today, going for their sweep. score unless the 5th. johnny goes off. 3-run homer off of vargas. the 16th homer of the year. 160 this season. the a's pitcher coming off of the worst game. he gets tagged by sanders and scores seattle first run of the game. four relievers came in. it was now 3-2 in the 9th
6:54 pm
inning, josh donaldson, swinging for the fences. that sought of here. the a's win 4-2 and hold the number one wild card spot for the angels who swept them last weekend. giants are leading 2-0. and season veteran golfers try to hold off the young guns. not even serena williams thought she was going to win the championship today. we will see if she can fool herself when sports wrap returns
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. it was not her best overall effort but may be one of her best comebacks forever in a grand slam tennis match. earns her her 4th u.s. championship. she split the first two sets with victoria azarenka. she was two away from the title but serena with stood the
6:57 pm
threat. she keeps amazing herself. this year wimbledon, the olympics and now the u.s. open. tomorrow, it will be djokovic against murry in monday's men's final. 23-year-old rory makelroy. starting one shot off back from the league. throwing darts, though, look at this. that is on the 2nd hole. rory shot a 5 under 67 in the championship. phil mickelson shared the lead with vijay singh. now, check out the approach, he is talking to it. thunk. he shot a 3 under 69. tied him for 2nd because rory keeps on birdieing. here he is on the 16th. wins by 4 strokes. he is the first golfer since tiger woods in 2009 to win in
6:58 pm
consecutive weeks. and that is sports as we see it. the giants leading 3-0 over the dodgers, 49ers start the season with a huge game in grown bay. wow! they showed every kind of effort tonight. >> they did. let's hope the raiders have the same success. >> it will be a fun game tomorrow. >> our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. >> coming up, we talk to the family with a missing college student who's body was found in the sacramento river. how the community is showing support for the family. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will see you tonight for 10:00 tonight. good night
6:59 pm

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